Allow us to introduce you to Marrakech, a long time Las Vegas destination restaurant that has offered diners a taste of Morocco since 1979. Richly colored tapestries and lustrous brassware line the walls of this traditional Moroccan Tent setting. Teak inlaid tables sit throughout the room encircled by low couches for traditional but comfortable seating.

Dine on delicious Moroccan food served in the unique Moroccan manner. The experience is enhanced by our beautiful belly dancers, that perform 7 nights a week. Shows begin at approx. 6 PM, and continue periodically throughout the evening.

Our service begins with washing each diner’s hands with lightly scented rose water. It successfully sets the stage for the extravagant six-course meal offered by Marrakech.

Silverware is available upon request, but customers are encouraged to eat with their fingers in the traditional Moroccan way.

Enjoy our famous six course feast that begins with tender Moroccan style shrimp scampi (acknowledged by many locals as the best in Las Vegas) followed by Harrira Soup, consisting of lentil, lemon, and spices. Next is our Marrakech sampler, with hummus & Eggplant dips. Served with Moroccan olives, beets and cucumbers. Then it’s on to the delicious marinated & grilled beef Kebobs.
Our main entrée is the royal Couscous and chicken platter, with chicken & vegetables.

Finally, for dessert is B’Stilla, our version of the Moroccan pastry, served with hot mint tea.

6 course dinner price- $45 per person

*Full bar/ extensive wine list.
*Vegetarian, vegan, & gluten free alternatives for course substitutions are always available. Simply mention this to your server.
*Halal courses available.
*Private Luncheons available
* Dinner / open bar packages available (see parties and events page)

Reservations are strongly recommended. Use our open table reservations link, or
call (702)551-1175 (after 1pm PST)

Our team appreciates your patronage and we will do our utmost to make your visit with us memorable and comfortable.

Make your reservations now, and have your own little adventure at Marrakech!